Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby Animals -- Needle Felted Kittens

When I first attempted needle felting cats, I almost gave up. Their faces are tricky. But I don't give up easily and kept working on it, until I was satisfied. I think they capture the spirit of kittenhood.
 Here are my kittens.

Needle felted kitten

Siames kitten

Tabby cat

Siamese kitten

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby Animals -- Horses

I have never grown out of being horse crazy. As a teen, I doodled horses all the time while daydreaming at school. So horses are one of my favorite animals to felt. Young horses with their long legs and wild mane, so adorable. Here are some of my foals, colts, fillies.

Needle felted buckskin foal

Baby white horse

Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby Animals --Bears

Cubs -- they put the aw in awesome. So adorable. When I create my needle felted bears and cubs, I am trying to capture the realistic look of the bear, yet infuse it with the cuteness of the teddy bear. Here are some of my creations: DSC02133 DSC02132 DSC02054

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Baby Animals -- Bunnies

There is a universal good feeling associated with baby animals -- They are just so cute. All animals are beautiful in their own way, but baby animals have a special appeal, no matter the species. Many of my felted creatures are inspired by baby animals. Here are some of my baby bunnies: Baby snowshoe hare: snowshoe Miniature baby snowshoe hare sitting on top of a green apple. Tiny baby snowshoe hare Baby cottontail rabbit DSC01953

Flower Fairies Inspired by Native American Flora

I like to find inspiration from the world around me. I hike in nature often and love to garden. I am especially fond of native flora. Here are my original flower fairy designs. Prairie Smoke Fairy and the flower that inspired her: prairie smoke 2 prairie smoke felt flower fairy Purple coneflower Fairy purple coneflower Flower Fairy Yellow coneflower fairy yellow coneflower flower fairy

Polar Bears

This blog is a place to share my felt creations. I always enjoyed making crocheted finger puppets and toys for my son when he was little. I finally discovered the art of needlefelting and have been taken away with it. My free time is often spent creating fantasy characters or animals. Here is one of my first creations.Needle felted polar bear and cub