Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Inspired by Watercolors

I like the impressionistic style of painting and I like the watercolors colors flow and dance together. The paintings children create in Waldorf classrooms are so peaceful and beautiful. I like to use this loose style of "painting" the dresses on my needle felted dolls.

Apple blossoms start out dark pink and then lighten to white.

I think her dress looks very much like a Waldorf painting.

She was one of my first fairies. I had dyed wool and as the colors were laying to dry, I noticed how they were the colors of the sunset and was inspired to create her. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Needle Felted Dryads, Tree Fairies

I love all my creations, but I feel my dryads are some of my most creative. The womanly shape that we can sometimes see in a tree. I was a little inspired by Narnia.

Dryads come from the Greek word drys, meaning Oak, so dryads were originally oak trees. I think this dryad was inspired by the oak.

Dryads, shy creatures, became the word for all tree nymphs.

I love the browns of winter against a bright blue sky, snow on the branches, and then one bright spot of red, the cardinal. I think this dryad may be an oak as well.

This forest dryad was totally inspired by my muse. I started working thinking of a purple, floral fairy. But something else took hold and this deep in the dark green pine forest dryad was born.

I hope you enjoy my work.