Sunday, June 30, 2013

Miniature Needle Felted Animals

One day I decided my needle felted deer was in need of some woodland friends. I like to put a branch in a small jar filled with salt for a woodland scene. So I created a little wool squirrel and, soon after, a tiny wool cottontail bunny to go with the deer and tree. 

The miniature wool woodland family keeps growing as I have added a chipmunk and a raccoon. 
My tiny animals are made mostly of natural, alpaca fiber which is very soft.

Making tiny needle-felted animals is very enjoyable and a different challenge than my larger creations as I try to create as much as detail as possible in a very small space. The chipmunks and squirrels even have wire frames which allow their arms and tail to be posed. 

Needle felted miniature donkey

This needle felted donkey was a custom order and I love him so much that I would like to make some tiny horses and a unicorn. His mane and tail is made of super soft llama fiber. 

Tiny needle felted racoon

Miniature needle felted bunny

I hope you enjoy my littles as much as I do!

Miniature needle felted robin bird

Tiny needle felted wool bluebird
Tiny needle felted bluebird

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