Thursday, March 5, 2015

How to Make a Needle Felted Bunny

Last Spring I held a needle felt bunny workshop at Da Vinci Waldorf School; this spring I am sharing the tutorial I created with my blog followers. 

These directions are for the cottontail bunny. The white bunny is a similar design. 

DIY How to Needle Felt Bunny

Start with inspiration. Find some images of adorable bunnies or better yet, use a live model. I get inspired on Pinterest. Check out my Bunny Love Pinterest board. 
No matter how many times I create an animal, I always refer to images of real animals; I feel that it helps keep the spirit of the real animal. 

  • White corriedale or other easily feltable wool
  • White alpaca
  • Rose-grey alpaca
  • Pink alpaca or wool
  • Dark brown or black corriedale
  • Felting needle -- 38 Star
  • Toothpick

Head --Take about 8 inch length of wool roving and roll into a tight ball and poke with needle. Start shaping like a bunny’s head narrower toward nose. Push needle along top of head toward nose. Push needle in back of head to make rounder, more dense in back.

Grab swatch of rose-grey alpaca, fold in half and felt at fold. Line up fold at nose and felt into head spread out over top of head. Felt alpaca into head.

Ears --  Grab two same size swatches of grey fiber, fold in half and felt at fold, felting and folding wool  to make narrow at top. Continue to felt ear, turn and felt other side. Grab small piece of pink roving inside and felt into ear. Gather ear at bottom and felt inwards. Determine correct placement of ears and felt extra roving into head, in the back of ear.

Nose -- Take a tiny piece of pink roll into ball felt loosely into triangular shape tip of triangle goes toward mouth; felt into place. Form mouth by pushing with needle.

Eyes – bunny eyes are on opposite sides of face about half way between ears and nose. Take small piece white, roll into circle and felt into place.

Take a smaller swatch of black, roll into loose ball and felt into middle of white swatch; shape eye with needle. You can also felt a tiny dot of white into the black. 

Body -- Roll roving into football shaped ball, felt in back tightly but keep area where head will go fairly loose. Felt until body feels firm. Attach head by pushing needle at neck into head.

Take toothpick and roll thin length of fiber in one direction and then the other. Roll tightly, but not so tight that it won't come off the toothpick. Remove from toothpick and felt at each end.  Attach to bunny for front legs.

Take grey alpaca and roll into circle, attach to bunny and continue to add grey fiber and felt in.
Roll small swatch of white alpaca, felt loosely, attach for tail.  Add soft white  fiber to bottom and roll a small ball of white alpaca and felt into back for tail. Sculpt in back legs if desired. Your bunny is complete!

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This bunny is Copyright Claudia Marie Felt. Please use this tutorial for personal use and do not sell the bunny you create. Thank you!

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