Thursday, March 5, 2015

How to Make a Needle Felted Bunny

I have updated my needle felt bunny tutorial and I am now offering it in my Etsy store.

My new tutorial is very detailed. It is a 12-page instant download PDF with 64 photos.  

Here is the supply list:

• Foam or sponge
• Felting needles, 38 star or 40 spiral, optional 42 triangle for eye detail
• Multi-needle felting tool (optional)
• Ruler
• Toothpick (round and smooth)
• Wooden skewer or 18 gauge wire (optional)
• Scissors (not shown)
• Corriedale or other core wool
• Rose grey alpaca
• Fawn alpaca
• White alpaca
• Pink or blush wool
• Pink or brown wool for nose
• Black alpaca or wool
• Tiny piece white merino 

The bunny would take 2 to 4 hours to make and it can be accomplished by a beginner with basic needle felting experience. 

Check out my Needle felt Bunny Tutorial

DIY How to Needle Felt Bunny

This bunny is Copyright Claudia Marie Felt. Please use this tutorial for personal use and do not sell the bunny you create. Thank you!

And here is another book that might help you get started needle felting animals:

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  1. What I find so neat about this,is they look like they are coming alive in your hands.