Thursday, December 5, 2019

Tiffany & Co Brings Felt Fox to Life with Stop Motion Animation

Admirers often tell me that I bring wool to life with my animal creations, but this holiday season Tiffany & Co. really did bring my red fox cub to life with stop motion animation in a holiday ad.

The ad above features the mischievous fox grabbing one of the blue boxes. The ad below is featured on the Tiffany fragrance page of their website and has been posted on the company's social media accounts.

I created a smaller fox cub for them last spring and I was told it would be used as part of a winter wonderland scene in still photos and possibly a video. I was truly surprised and thrilled to see my fox part of an animated video.

I have sold my animals to people who planned to use them for animation in the past, but I never saw a result. This one is wonderful indeed!

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