Monday, June 5, 2017

Claudia's Needle Felt Pet Portraits of Dogs, Pet Memorials

I have always loved dogs, so it makes sense that dog pet portraits are among my favorite needle felt sculptures. I have been told often that my pet portraits were the best gift ever. Clients often buy pet memorials to remember their dear ones that passed over the rainbow bridge.

sheltie pet portrait

Needle Felt Shetland Sheepdog Pet Portrait

I have created many breeds, golden retrievers, shetland sheepdogs, siberian huskies, shepherds, labradoodles, collies, poodles, min pin, corgi, yorki, boxers, westies, bully breeds and on and on.

I had a lot of fun illustrating "Prince Preemie: Tale of a Tiny Puppy Who Arrives Early," as the book is illustrated with numerous dog breeds. The giveaway is a softcover copy of Prince Preemie, signed by the illustrator, me. It's a sweet book, check out the trailer on Youtube.

 "Prince Preemie: Tale of a Tiny Puppy Who Arrives Early," 

wool dog pet memorial

Merle Collie Wool Pet Portraits

Shetland Sheepdog Pet Portrait

I like to create my pet portraits by obtaining numerous photos. I study the photos and I also study images of the breed standard. I spend many hours getting to know the breed and the dog. Usually by the time I'm done, I've fallen in love with the pup.

Wire-haired Pointing Griffon Pet Portrait

Min Pin pet portrait

Miniature Pinscher Needle Felt Sculpture

I use a variety of wool fibers as well as alpaca to create my dogs. Sometimes I'm able to use natural hues; other times I need to dye the fiber to match the dog's coat.

Poodle pet memorial sculpture

Custom Needle Felt Poodle Hugging Stuffed Toy

Needle felt boxer dog

Boxer Pet Memorial 

needle felted dachshund

Needle Felted Dachsund

Tripod dog pet sculpture

Needle Felted Shepherd Tri-pod

The most popular size of dog is 5-6 inches in length, but I have made larger and smaller dogs. If you are interested in a needle felt dog sculpture, summer is the best time to order. I usually cut off orders of pet portraits early in the fall, which is my busy season.

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