Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Finding Inspiration for Needle felt Chipmunks in my Backyard

It was a very mild winter in the Midwest and that seems to have resulted in an abundance of local wildlife in my suburban backyard. Last week, a deer ran through my yard and I spotted a red fox down the road. It's hilarious watching the bunnies chase each other through the yard. But squirrels and chipmunks are my most frequent visitors.

My backyard chipmunks

My herding dog, Angelina, alerted me to some young chipmunks in my neighbors window well in the spring and I was able to get some up close photos.

There is nothing that equals inspiration from real animals, but when I don't have that opportunity, I google images or look on Pinterest. When I create my animals I always work with images of real animals, rather than my previous creations as I feel it gives them life.

Realistic needle felt chipmunk

Life sized Needle Felted Chipmunk

Chipmunk cake decoration

Chipmunks Make Cute Wedding Cake Toppers

tiny wool chipmunk

Tiny Needle Felt Chipmunk

dollhouse chipmunk

Micro Needle Felt Chipmunk


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